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Sarita Cargas

Associate Professor

Office: Honors College, ASM 1068

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Sarita Cargas earned her D.Phil. Oxford University, Mst in the Study of Religion Oxford University, MA Theology Aquinas Institute of Theology, MA Psychology Georgetown University, BA St. John’s College (Annapolis). Dr. Cargas’ teaching and research interest is human rights with an additional focus on explicitly teaching critical thinking. Her courses include the topics of the history of human rights: “A Humane Legacy”; a course on “Globalization and Human Rights” which uses food insecurity as a case study; “Solutions to Human Rights Problems” which emphasizes what various entities contribute to solving human rights abuses.  The critical thinking class: “Why People Believe Weird Things” has the dual goal of teaching students to be aware of the inherent biases in their thinking and provide the tools to become more sophisticated practitioners of thought.  She has forthcoming articles in Human Rights Quarterly and Honors in Practice, and is working on a book about how the biggest organizations promote human rights (governments, United Nations, NGOs, and multinational corporations.)

Research Interest: Human Rights with an additional emphasis on explicitly teaching critical thinking.