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Physics is Everywhere: Rainbows to Refrigerators

Carmen Sorge, 
Core: Physical and Natural Sciences


Crucial to science education is hands-on involvement: showing, not just telling; real experiments and field trips and not just 'virtual reality.' Martin Rees

To take this class you need to be currently (or previously) enrolled in UHON 203.001.  This class is an extension of UHON 203.001. This class is one hour lab is available as a SEPARATE class to be held outside of the regular class hours on the same days that class meets.  The separate lab class is optional,  if you need four hours of science credit, you can add this lab class to the three hour class. You will be designing and conducting your own experiments and demos and presenting them to the class.  There is an additional course fee of $25 for the  lab section. Contact me for further information.

We will be reading sections from texts such as those listed below as well as from current scientific journals. These will be available online.

Richard A. Muller, Physics for Future Presidents: The science behind the headlines

Richard Feynman, Six Easy Pieces: Essentials of Physics explained by its most brilliant teacher

Walter Lewin, For the love of Physics: From the edge of the Rainbow to the Edge of Time- A journey through the wonders of Physics

Christopher P. Jargodzki and Frankin Potter, Mad about Physics: Brain twisters, Paradoxes and Curiosities

Paul G. Hewitt, Conceptual Physics Fundamentals

Students in the separte one hour lab class will have additional readings on lab design.

We will be watching some videos in class demonstrating physics principles that are too expensive (no access to a space) or dangerous (your teacher is too scared to skydive) for class demonstrations. You will also be watching some longer videos on your own time online.   

A fee of $25 will be required for the 1 hour class for the lab section. 

You will be participating in hands on experiments in the classroom demonstrating physics principles and writing up a  report on each lab. You will also research and present a short physics demonstration to the class. You will be meeting with me to design and execute your own labs/demos and presenting the material to the rest of the class. These labs will be in addition to those done during class time.     

Carmen has taught both physics and mathematics from middle school level through college. She has a Ph.D in Educational Psychology, a M.S. in Science Education and a B.S. in Physics. But what should really matter to you is that she has experience in making science useful, exciting and interesting.