Students entering the Honors College prior to Fall 2020 may opt to complete the Designation in Honors College. The Designation in Honors College is awarded to high-achieving students who gain an Honors experience by completing a minimum of 15 credit hours of Honors coursework while they pursue a major and minor in their chosen fields. This option allows students to complete many university requirements in the small, seminar classroom settings for which the Honors College is known.

Designation Requirements:

  • Maintenance of a 3.2 GPA
  • The successful completion of 15 credit hours in honors courses:
    • 3 credit hours minimum in UHON 100-level
    • 3 credit hours minimum in UHON 200-level
    • 6 credit hours minimum in UHON 300 or 400-level
    • 3 additional credit hours in UHON any level

Designation Awards and Recognition

  • Honors Designation Cord
  • May be eligible for Honors International Distinction and Cord

The UNM Honors Scholar Distinction is intended to provide students with a flexible, high-level Honors experience, utilizing courses taught at the Honors College (HNRS, UHON) and departmental honors course offerings.

Honors Scholars Distinction Requirements:

All candidates for the UNM Honors Scholar Distinction must be admitted to the Honors College and maintain at least a 3.20 cumulative GPA. Students must successfully complete 30 credit hours, including at least 15 credit hours in UHON courses and up to 15 credit hours in departmental honors courses or from other courses approved by Honors College, distributed as follows:
  • HNRS 1120 Honors Legacy Seminar (3 credit hours)
  • One 200-level UHON course (3 credit hours)
  • Two additional lower-division UHON or departmental honors courses (6 credit hours)
  • One 300-level UHON course (3 credit hours)
  • One 400-level UHON course (3 credit hours)

Four additional upper-division UHON or departmental honors courses, including thesis and other capstone courses (12 credit hours).

Designation Awards and Recognition

Designation in Honors Cord
May be eligible for Honors International Distinction and Cord

The Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Minor is awarded to high-achieving students who wish to broaden their interdisciplinary Honors experience while obtaining a bachelor’s degree in their chosen discipline. Students who complete the Minor will produce work that integrates ideas and methods from different disciplines, and will analyze and evaluate foundational and primary works, gain knowledge of diverse cultures, acquire civic knowledge, and apply ethical reasoning.

Minor Requirements:

  • Maintenance of a 3.2 cumulative GPA
  • The successful completion of 24 credit hours in Honors courses:
    • A minimum of 3 credit hours in UHON 100-level
    • A minimum of 3 credit hours in UHON 200-level
    • A minimum of 3 credit hours in UHON 300-level
    • A minimum of 3 credit hours in UHON 400-level
    • A minimum of 6 credit hours in UHON 300 or 400-level
    • 6 credit hours in any UHON level

Minor Awards and Recognition:

  • Minor in Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts
  • Honors Stole
  • May be eligible for Honors International Distinction and Cord


The Bachelor of Arts in Honors Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts is awarded to high-achieving students who complete the Major in the Honors College. This baccalaureate degree program provides the opportunity for students to develop a broad-based and flexible interdisciplinary liberal arts education similar to that offered by many small liberal arts colleges. The BA in Honors Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts provides a foundation in social and behavioral studies, physical and natural sciences, humanities, communications, mathematics, and fine arts, and allows students to focus on a specific area of interdisciplinary study.

Students will conduct research and produce original work that integrates ideas and methods from different disciplines and will learn to adapt to new environments and developing technologies. Graduates will be expected to gain intercultural knowledge and competence and develop personal and social responsibility, including civic knowledge and engagement both locally and globally.

All students who wish to complete the BA in Honors Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts must complete an application including a proposed course of study. At the time of application students must have completed or have in-progress at least 45 credit hours, 12 of which are in Honors. Due to the individualized attention that each BA student will receive, the Honors College can only accept a small number of students for the major each year. For consideration, download the application here and the course of study form here.

Major Requirements:

Students accepted as majors in Honors Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts must maintain a cumulative UNM GPA of at least 3.5 and complete:

  • Minor or second major in a field of study that complements or supports the capstone project;*
  • 18 credit hours in courses numbered 300 or higher containing significant coursework involving skills as defined by Honors College program student learning outcomes: interdisciplinarity, research, community engagement, critical thinking, communication skills, creative thinking;
  • 6 hours in an Honors integrative block or equivalent;
  • 36 credit hours in UHON or HNRS courses, including:
    • 3 credit hours at each of the 1000-(or 100-), 2000- (or 200-), 300-, or 400- levels
    • 12-18 elective credit hours, at least 12 of which are at the 300-level or higher
    • 6 credit hours may include integrative block if taken as UHON or HNRS
    • 6 credit hours of coursework in one interdisciplinary capstone:
      • Thesis/project: UHON 490 and UHON 491, or
      • Senior teaching: UHON 492 and UHON 493, or
      • Service learning: UHON 495 and UHON 496;
  • At least 120 total credit hours;
  • At least 12 credit hours of a single non-English language or provide evidence of equivalent proficiency.**
  • All General Education curriculum requirements, some of which may be completed through UHON courses. Refer to the Undergraduate section of the UNM Catalog for information on courses that meet General Education curriculum and U.S. and Global Diversity and Inclusion requirements.

For more information about the major and how to assemble a program of study, visit the Honors College website or speak with an advisor in the Honors College.

Interested students must complete the Bachelor of Arts in Honors Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts (HILA) Application (Deadline: October 15 for spring admission, March 15 for fall admission).


* Separate fields are generally defined as the General Education curriculum areas plus additional colleges or schools at UNM that offer undergraduate coursework.
** Information about language proficiency equivalence can be found through the Foreign Languages and Literatures Department.

The Honors College encourages students who can to participate in international opportunities and to gain an international perspective. To this end, the college awards students who complete one of the three Honors College options and who complete both an international program and either a minimum of 2 years of language or equivalent coursework with an international focus.

International Distinction Requirements:

  • International Educational Experience Abroad - 6 Credit Hours

And either:

  • Proven Proficiency in a Foreign Language OR 12-credit hour coursework in a Foreign Language
  • International Topics Courses - 12 Credit Hours

International Distinction Awards and Recognition:

  • Honors Award with Distinction in International Studies
  • Honors Cord

Breaking Gender Norms Through Fashion: Lessons From Georgia O'Keeffe (2018)

Rana Chan

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Jesse Yelvington

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Aline Noel Webb

Decay: An Experiment in Mycoremediation
Rowan Willow Roberts

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