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Conexiones Spain 2019


Summer 2019 Conexiones program details will be made available soon.  Email  to be added to the Conexiones listserve for upcoming information session dates. 

Conexiones offers students an extraordinary and unique experience.  Students will live with a host family in Cáceres, a city whose history and architecture represents in itself the history of Spain (from Iberians and Romans, Moors and Christians, to the famous Spanish nightlife, modern architecture and cyber cafés). Students will attend Spanish classes at the Universidad de Extremadura's Instituto de Lenguas Modernas in downtown Cáceres. 


Conexiones immerses students in the living, breathing reality of Spanish society. The main theme of the program is the connections between the U.S. Southwest and Spain, with emphasis in Extremadura, a region with strong historical and cultural connections to New Mexico.

The key to the Conexiones approach is integration. Intellectual, linguistic, and personal growth are seen as a unified process. The program is designed to expedite that process.

The support groups are a unique feature of Conexiones.  These groups emphasize personal growth and help students to understand culture shock as a positive (if sometimes uncomfortable) growth experience.


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caceres at night


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Honors Travel Stipend
Honors students are eligible to apply for the Honors Travel Stipend. A hard copy of your completed application must be submitted in-person to the Honors College front office.


UNM Regents' International Study Grant

The UNM Board of Regents does provide international study grants in an effort to increase the number of UNM students participating in credit-granting international programs, and to heighten international awareness and expertise among students and the public.  APPLY FOR THE REGENTS GRANT NOW.

You are eligible to apply if you are:

  • a degree-seeking undergraduate UNM student,
  • in good academic standing at UNM,
  • planning to participate in an approved UNM study abroad program,
  • able to receive UNM credits or transfer credits for the international program, and
  • demonstrate financial need.

Travel Info and Important Travel Dates

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moon in spain at dusk over building

Tickets, Passports, and More

Students travel to Spain at their own expense. Due to the rising costs of airline travel and to the fact that group discounts have been reduced, Conexiones is now encouraging students to find their own best airfare. We will provide recommendations, but students will be responsible for making their own travel arrangements. We will also try to facilitate students traveling together. In order to ensure that you have made your reservation in a timely way, we will require that you provide a copy of your ticket or e-ticket by the date in the spring that will be communicated to you. 

Passports and Insurance

A passport is required for traveling to Spain. Applicants who are U.S. citizens do not need a visa for a six-week stay. To apply for a passport visit the U.S. Department of State's website:

All students are required to have accident and medical insurance coverage for the duration of the program. The Global Education Office at UNM has information regarding insurance.

The program directors will also provide information on insurance. Students should buy a Student Identification Card from the Student Travel Assistance (STA) office (details provided in information meetings).


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Margo Chavez Charles

Margo Chávez-Charles, Co-Director

Margo is an instructor in the Honors College. She has worked with the Conexiones Spain Program since its inception in 1995, serving either as Program Director or Spanish Language Instructor. She has also worked with the Conexiones Mexico and Nicaragua programs. She encourages learning the language while having fun exploring the culture.

Myrriah Gomez

Myrriah Gómez, Assistant Professor

Dr. Myrriah Gómez, prior to joining the Honors College, was an Assistant Professor of English at the University of New Mexico – Gallup. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from New Mexico Highlands University and a Master’s degree from the University of New Mexico. She earned her Ph.D. in English with an emphasis in Latina/o Studies from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2014.

ALBURQUERQUE (Not the "Burque-New Mexico")

Alburquerque, located in the Extremaduran province of Badajoz, is in a region similar to that of our own Albuquerque, New Mexico. Alburquerque is one of the sister cities of Albuquerque  where the Conexiones program is based. Like much of Extremadura, Alburquerque joined in the exploration and settlement of the Americas. 

student group in front of road sign abq spain road sign

Conquistadors from the region were present in Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Colombia, and most notably, Florida.  Students can look forward to a guided tour of this magnificent medieval city culminating in a siege of the hilltop castle.

Castle Albuquerque


Guadalupe is a village founded on faith.  Here in this valley a sheepherder named Gil Cordero discovered a statue of the Virgin Mary which had been hidden for hundreds of years. His miraculous finding eventually led to the foundation of the monastery and town which now lies nestled in the mountains of Altamira.

Castle Albuquerque

Columbus made the first pilgrimage with native Americans to the shrine of Guadalupe where they were baptised after his first voyage to the Americas. Students will have the opportunity to view the vast artistic collection held at Guadalupe including works by Zurbaran, El Greco and a cross reputedly carved by Michaelangelo. Students will also enjoy a tour of the monastery culminating in a procession to the Virgin herself.


Mérida was founded in 25 B.C. as Augusta Emerita and was the capital of the Roman Province called Lusitania.The city today pays homage to its Roman heritage in the National Museum of Roman Art which houses some of the best Roman ruins outside of Italy.

merida roman amphitheater

A day of exploration of the Roman town including the theater, aqueduct, bridge and catacombs will allow the individual to imagine Roman life thousands of years ago. 


Trujillo, situated in the center of Extremadura between Castilla and Andalucia, was the Conexiones program's  original base of study, before transferring to Cáceres. Its many advantages include extraordinary architecture and history including its connection to the American Southwest. Situated on a granite hill overlooking the surrounding plains with views of the distant mountains, Trujillo is famous for its palaces and 10th century Moorish castle. The city has one of the finest plazas in all of Spain and is known as "The Cradle of the Conquistadores". The cultural atmosphere and historical resources of Trujillo provided a rich environment to students in their Conexiones experience.

trujillo cafe at night

Trujillo has been a living laboratory, museum and center for the study of language and Spanish culture for almost a decade. Trujillo is a small city with roughly 12,000 inhabitants many of whom open their homes and hearts to American students.  The Time, Space and Culture tours are integral to the Conexiones ideal of active synthesis of culture study and fieldwork. The tours consist of a student-guided visit to the sites of Trujillo based upon the historical growth of Trujillo's culture and environs.