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Aspen House


Rooted in Knowledge, Growing in Creativity
Colors: Bumblebee Yellow and Silver


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Aspen House Full Time Faculty

Amaris Ketcham and Ryan Swanson

Aspen House Council Members


Savanna Middaugh, Head of House

Savanna is an English Major and a sophomore. She was on the House Council last year, and this is her second year with Honors. She enjoys reading, archery, and contemplating interesting thought trains that reading brings into her mindscape.


Maravel Payne, Academic Commission

Mara is a Freshman majoring in Psychology and Biology. Eventually, she would like to become a neurologist. She will be leading the Academic Commission—which is perfect since she is great at helping people and staying organized!


Katherine Rickers,  Professional Commission

Katie is a Sophomore majoring in Psychology and Criminology. As a member of HSA, Katie has made herself an important part of the Honors community, and she is passionate about making sure that all students feel just as welcomed and important as she did. 


Erika Schwaner,  Recreational Commission

Erika is a Freshman majoring in Music Education. She is an exemplary Aspen, always seeking to find new and creative activities and ways of thinking. She loves being crafty, having fun, and taking on challenges—like the Recreational Commission. 


Jesse Thomas, Treasury Commission

Jesse is a freshman at UNM majoring in Anthropology. He is interested in sports and was active in many sports and activities in high school. Always active in his community, Jesse will now be using those leadership skills to help guide Aspen House and the Community Commission.