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Honors House Council By-Laws


 I.  Heads of Houses will be elected out of the current council each April.

a.  Interested councilors will nominate themselves to a House Coordinator.

b.  In the event that no council member self-nominates, the Head of House may choose to continue as Head of House for a second consecutive year.

c.  Council members have priority over the current Head of House.

d.  If neither the current members of council nor the current Head of House desire to be Head of House for the following year, commissioners may run for Head of House.

e.  If no one involved in the house government desires to be Head of House, House Coordinators will act as Head of House until formal elections in October.

f.  Students may not serve more than two total years as Head of House.

II.  Heads of Houses shall serve from the beginning of the fall semester after they are elected through the end of the following spring semester.

III.  A term of council shall last from the October of elections through the October of the following year, except in the case of graduation or extenuating circumstances.

IV.  No student holding HSA office for the first time may also run for House Council.

V.  In order for a student to run for council or act as a council member, that student must be an active member of the Honors College in good standing.

a.  Students may not run for House Council during a semester when they are on probational status.


I.  Council members must attend monthly council meetings and the biannual House Summit. Failure to do so will result in loss of points for their house. If a council member misses more than three of the above meetings, the student must meet with a House Coordinator about further action. The only exception is in the case of a sudden emergency or if a Coordinator has been presented with a valid excuse at least two weeks in advance.

II.  One council member from each house must attend the weekly HSA meeting.

III.  Once dropped from the Honors College, a student already holding a council position must resign as acting council member.


I.  Once in a house, a student may not switch houses unless in exceptional circumstances or when sanctioned by the Honors College.


I.  If a council member cannot continue in his or her duties, he or she will nominate a commissioner who is willing and able to take that spot on council.

a.  If no commissioner is willing or able, elections will reopen for the position within the house.

II.  Each council must maintain a five-person council except during the search for a new council member.

a.  While the council is missing a member, each councilor will work to share the load of the lost council member.

b.  No council may ever drop below four members. When less than four council members are on council, that house will be declared inactive, and house points may not be earned until that house reaches at least four council members once more.