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Juniper House


Rooted in Knowledge, Growing in Discovery
Colors: Aegean Blue and Silver


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Juniper House Full Time Faculty

Leslie Donovan and Marygold Walsh-Dilley

Juniper House Council Members


Tayte Trujillo,  Head of House

Brendon Gray 

Brendon is a Freshman majoring in Neurology. He is a strong leader who believes in doing all he can to help his community. In high school he was involved in sports, student government, and the school paper, so we are excited for him to bring all of the skills gained in those activities to the Honors College.

Arely Guerrero

Arely is a Junior majoring in Sociology. He has been very involved in his community at UNM and within his scholarship programs. His exceptional communication skills, attention to detail, and work ethic. He is good at motivating himself and others, and this year he hopes to get Junipers more involved than ever.

Emilie Reese 

Emilie is a Sophomore majoring in Signed Language Interpreting. She has a lot of experience working in councils and thus understands agendas and the importance of delegation. In both leadership and supporting roles, she has had the opportunity to organize and run events. She can’t wait to have fun this year!

Kaycee Turner 

Kaycee is a freshman majoring in Biochemistry. She is dedicated, trustworthy, and above all, passionate about the Honors program. Originally from California, she has had two years of experience as an elected school representative, and she is excited for the opportunity to represent and help her fellow Junipers.