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Oak House

Welcome to the Best House

Rooted in Knowledge, Growing in Ambition
Colors: Marigold and Silver

Oak House Full Time Faculty

Sarita Cargas, Megan Jacobs and Troy Lovata

House Coordinator

Serena Mickens (Peer Advisor)

Oak House Representative

Melissa Madrigal

 House Bio

House Oak was founded on the principles of Ambition and Knowledge. Oak House members are dedicated to winning the House Cup (someday). In the meantime, we are called to do our best in all that we do, whether in the classroom or in the field. We strive to be active, involved members of the community and help each other to achieve success in every area of our lives.

To get more involved and become active in your House, please contact your House Coordinator, Serena Mickens. Serena is a Peer Advisor at the Honors College, available by email at She can connect you with opportunities to begin volunteering with your House, get started as an Oak House Representative, or simply attend events.  Elections for House Representatives will be held in September from a pool of active house members who regularly attend HSA meetings and/or House events.

If you would like to attend an HSA meeting to find out more, contact Kitty Foos, the HSA President, at