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Oak House


Rooted in Knowledge, Growing in Ambition
Colors: Marigold and Silver


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Oak House Full Time Faculty

Sarita Cargas, Megan Jacobs and Troy Lovata

Oak House Council Members


Riley Hand,  Head of House

Riley is a sophomore and currently an undeclared major, but this semester she is focusing on mathematics. She has also always loved writing. She is a proud member of the Spirit Marching Band as well as Soundpack. She was a house council member for House Oak last year and is excited to use what she learned to make this year even better.


Kelsey Rust, Academic Commission

Kelsey is our new Academic head and you can reach her at


Kaylie Huizenga, Service Commission

Kaylie is a sophomore majoring in Communication. She has had a lot of leadership experience during her first year at UNM, and we are excited for her to use her leadership skill to benefit her house. She is passionate about helping students get connected with leaders throughout the community.


Mallory Kimble, Recreational Commission

Mallory is a sophomore majoring in Pre Pharmacy. She was on House Council last year, and she looks forward to returning for another year! She is invested in making sure that students have fun and exciting events that they will look forward to attending—and that can help create a closer community.


Kawya Waduge, Treasury Commission

Kawya is our new Community Service head and you can reach her at