Honors College Discovery Series: Pop-Poetry & Literary College with Amaris Ketcham, October 19th

October 20, 2020

Amaris Ketcham's Honors College Discovery Lecture features a discussion of literary collage and a reading from Ketcham's new book of poetry, Glitches in the FBI. Ketcham uses the technique of found poetry—limiting her word bank to the transcripts of episodes of The X-Files—to craft entirely new and vivid poetry. This collection retains a sense of mystery and aketchampicds.jpginquiry, mirroring and adapting big ideas and issues, and a smattering of references and slang that make them read like a kind of 1990s Homeric. Author, Kevin Zepper states of her work, “this is an ingenious collection of poems utilizing re-purposed script dialogue from the iconic and surreal television program, The X-Files. The select script fragments, carefully re-assembled in free verse form creates a “third stream,” a new form based on the originality of idea and organization.”

Here's the link to this Discovery Series video: https://youtu.be/SHEbsAFiwz8



Please visit: https://www.casaurracaltd.com/bookstore/p/glitches-in-the-fbi to read more about Professor Ketcham's new book, Glitches in the FBI.