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Jason  Moore

Associate Professor

Office: Honors College, ASM 1023

Jason Moore received his Ph.D. from the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Cambridge in 2006, before heading over the pond for postdocs at Texas A&M University and Dartmouth College. He joined the UNM Honors College in August 2013, and is loving every minute here. Much of his research is concerned with the impact of major perturbations (for example natural disasters) on vertebrate ecosystems in the fossil record, and how we can tease ecological information from ecosystems that we can never directly observe. Recently he has been studying the impact that ended the domination of Earth's ecosystems by the dinosaurs, and the effects of the formation of permanent polar ice caps (33 million years ago) on global mammal-dominated ecosystems. As a broadly trained field geologist and palaeontologist, Dr. Moore has worked around the globe, from Europe, South Africa and India to the American West and Uruguay; frequently with Honors students along for the adventure. He teaches courses spanning evolutionary biology, geology and statistics, and loves the broad perspective that an Honors education offers to his students.

Research Interest: Palaeontology; Sedimentary Geology; General Geosciences; Ecosystem Ecology; Multivariate Statistics.