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The University of New Mexico, through the Honors College and the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, presents Conexiones- an intensive program of Culture and Language study at UNM and the field site, Cáceres (Extremadura). Conexiones offers students up to twelve semester hours' credit, with two orientation sessions at UNM and thirty days of field session.

2023 Recruitment Video

Learn more about the summer 2023 study abroad program to Spain.

Conexiones offers students an extraordinary and unique experience.  Students will live with a host family in Cáceres, a city whose history and architecture represents in itself the history of Spain (from Iberians and Romans, Moors and Christians, to the famous Spanish nightlife and modern architecture). Students will attend Spanish classes at the Universidad de Extremadura's Instituto de Lenguas Modernas in downtown Cáceres. Weekly excursions are part of the program, including the visit to the medieval city of Trujillo and the Roman city of Mérida, the medieval town and monastery of Guadalupe and a day in the sister city of Alburquerque, with a visit to its medieval castle.

Conexiones is an intensive Spanish language and culture study abroad program. Conexiones began in 1982 and has since become a premier language study program.


Travel to Spain: Thursday, June 1, 2023
Field Study in Spain: June 5- June 30, 2023
Travel Back to New Mexico: Saturday, July 1 or stay later and travel back independently



Applying to Conexiones Spain is easy! Attend an informational meeting on November 14, 2022 or on Feburary 3, 2023. All aspects of the program will be reviewed during these informational sessions. If you are unable to attend, email Dr. Gómez and express your interest.

Once committed to applying, you will complete at application on the UNM Global Education Office website.
  • Early Application Deadline: Friday, February 3, 2023, 5:00 p.m.
  • Regular Application Deadline: Friday, March 3, 2023, 5:00pm
  • Students who apply by the early application deadline will have priority in the program. If students are accepted, they will have time to apply for the Regents International Study Grant before their deadline in March.

Students accepted into the program will need to register with the Global Education Office and follow their procedures for providing the necessary documentation (copies of passports, health insurance, etc). 

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Students travel to Spain at their own expense. Due to the rising costs of airline travel and to the fact that group discounts have been reduced, Conexiones is now encouraging students to find their own best airfare. We will provide recommendations, but students are responsible for making their own travel arrangements. We will also try to facilitate students traveling together. In order to ensure that you have made your reservation in a timely way, we will require that you provide a copy of your ticket or e-ticket by the date in the spring that will be communicated to you.

Room and Board

Part of the immersive experience in Conexiones is living with a host family. We work with our partners at the Universidad de Extremadura to house students with local families. The cost of room and board is included in the program fees.



A passport is required for traveling to Spain. Applicants who are U.S. citizens do not need a visa for a six-week stay. We encourage students to use the Passport Office on campus. For other ways to apply for a passport visit the U.S. Department of State's website. 

All students are required to have accident and medical insurance coverage for the duration of the program. The Global Education Office at UNM has information regarding insurance.

The program directors will also provide information on insurance.

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Students taking Conexiones sign up for two Honors seminars (UHON 301 and UHON 401) and two Spanish courses (SPAN 301 and a UEx course) for a maximum total of 12 credit hours over the summer semester. Conexiones students attend small Spanish intensive classes and lectures in Spanish taught by faculty from the Universidad de Extremadura. Experiential assignments in Spanish dovetail with work in the Honors culture study course. Students will be required to complete pre-departure assignments in their cuadernito.



UHON 301-030: SEM: Time, Space, and Culture (3 credits) Instructor: Margo Chávez-Charles

This course is an in-depth examination of Spanish culture and history and it is experientially based. It features investigative assignments to be completed in Caceres, and during the field trips within Extremadura. The richness of Cáceres's history and all the ages of its architecture make the culture study a unique experience in which students learn in the field the connections of time, space and culture of Spain’s past and present. Requirements for this class include field study in Spain with completion of Cuaderno activities.

UHON 401: SEM: Conexiones Spain (3 credits) Instructor: Dr. Myrriah Gómez 

This course is part of a summer study abroad program taught in Cáceres, Spain. Students will live and study in Cáceres for the first four weeks of this course and complete the second four weeks online. Conexiones Spain explores the history of colonialism in Spain’s history. During this course we visit various cities in the Extremadura region of Spain, discuss the various social groups that occupied the region, and examine the social and political constructions of race, gender, language, and religion, specifically. We then move to discuss Spanish settler colonialism of the Americas so as to examine the historical relationship between oppressors and resisters and the development of contemporary society, particularly in New Mexico. We will investigate Spanish and Indigenous perspectives, in particular, to analyze the effects of settler colonialism in New Mexico. This will ask us to reflect on changes in and to Cáceres and Extremadura as well as New Mexico. This course requires students to interrogate their social position as a University of New Mexico student studying in Spain to critically reflect on their identity and social position.

SPAN 301: Los conectados  (3 credits) Instructor: Dr. Anna Nogar 

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La Universidad de Extremadura Courses

Profesora: TBA

Objectives: This course takes into account the abilities and needs of the student, with the principal objective of the course being to help the student to communicate from the very first days; to accomplish this, the student will learn to understand oral and written texts, to discover the grammar and vocabulary, and to speak about their likes, their lives, and their world.

Profesor: TBA 
Objectives: The course España en su Cultura is a journey through Spanish culture in its different expressions. It deals with, on one hand, culture “with a little c”, essential so the learner can reach a certain level of cultural awareness to help in understanding the functioning of Spanish society and to negotiate within it. In addition, the course presents a wide and varied vision of Culture “with a capital C”, that is, in its various artistic and scientific manifestations which can help to explain and define the particular characteristics of the Spanish people.

Profesor: TBA
Objectivos: Esta asignatura supone un acercamiento a la literatura hispánica contemporánea a través de varios textos representativos. El objetivo no es que el alumno acumule conocimientos de un modo enciclopédico, sino que adquiera un panorama general sobre la literatura hispánica contemporánea y, sobre todo, que alcance el sentido profundo de los textos que se trabajen en clase, cuya selección se ha realizado atendiendo a todos los géneros literarios.


Photo of Margo Chavez-Charles

Margo Chávez-Charles, Co-Director

Margo is an instructor in the Honors College. She has worked with the Conexiones Spain Program since its inception in 1995, serving either as Program Director or Spanish Language Instructor. She has also worked with the Conexiones Mexico and Nicaragua programs. She encourages learning the language while having fun exploring the culture.

Photo of Myrriah Gomez

Myrriah Gómez, Assistant Professor

Dr. Myrriah Gómez, prior to joining the Honors College, was an Assistant Professor of English at the University of New Mexico – Gallup. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from New Mexico Highlands University and a Master’s degree from the University of New Mexico. She earned her Ph.D. in English with an emphasis in Latina/o Studies from the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2014.