Field Expedition in Uruguay

Fired expedition1

This project was funded by the Honors College Research Institute with generous support of Sonnet and Ian McKinnon.

In June of 2014 Dr. Jason Moore received support from the Honors Research Institute to lead three Honors undergraduates (none of whom were geology majors) on a field expedition to Uruguay. Our aim was to investigate a series of little-studied Uruguayan rocks that were deposited spanning the extinction of the dinosaurs. Few rocks are known of this age, so any new information that we can gain is of particular importance. Two successful weeks of fieldwork and immersion in another culture were transformative for all of the students. They gathered enough data to fuel research projects studying the environments in which the Uruguayan rocks were formed, and the preservational processes modifying the fossils preserved therein. These projects developed over the year following the fieldwork, stretching the students to learn and achieve outside their chosen specialties. Their research projects culminated in presentations at the 2015 Geological Society of America conference (one of the largest international geology conferences in the world), and the submission of two manuscripts to leading journals.