Priority Registration

Priority Registration is one of the unique benefits granted to Honors students. The UNM Registrars' Office determines the dates when all students attending the University can sign up for classes. Generally, transfer students register first, followed by graduate students, then seniors, juniors, sophomores, and, finally, freshmen. The grade levels are determined by accumulated credit hours at the University. With Priority Registration, Honors students can register on the same day as graduate students. Essentially, Honors students can get a "first-pick" of courses and thereby coordinate their busy school, work, and family schedules. 

Preview Night

Preview Night is an opportunity to meet the Honors instructors and hear about the courses they will be offering for the upcoming semester. Preview Night for the Spring 2020 term will take place on Tuesday, October 29th from 6:30pm - 8pm at the SUB Balloom B.Please note that Preview Night is for students who want to take Honors classes during the upcoming semester. Students are NOT required to attend.