Become a Better Writer

Instructor(s): Steve Brewer

Course Description

Writing skills are valuable in every career and academic pursuit, so it's imperative that Honors students have the tools necessary to be excellent writers. In this course, we'll explore the elements of good writing and get lots of practice in writing and editing nonfiction and short fiction. Topics will include narrative momentum, voice, grammar, dialogue and sentence structure. Creativity and clarity are the goals. We'll treat the class as a writing workshop, critiquing each other's work and focusing on the craft of clear communication. 


"On Writing Well" by William Zinsser. Further readings online and in class, including suggested readings from the New York Times series "Writers on Writing" and from 


Students will read from the textbook each week and complete a writing assignment outside of class. These writing assignments typically will be short, but students will be expected to rewrite and edit so the papers will be polished before delivery. We'll also write short pieces in class each week, so attendance is mandatory. 

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About the Instructor(s): Steve Brewer

A former journalist and syndicated humor columnist, Steve Brewer is the author of 34 books, including one that was made into a Hollywood comedy. He has taught in Honors off and on since 1998. He and his family own Organic Books in Nob Hill.