Leadership and Public Speaking
Seminar - UHON 301

Instructor(s): Timothy Goloversic

Course Description

Leadership is highly sought after in the workplace to improve profits, productivity, and employee retention. 

What makes finding good leader so difficult? Leadership is hard to pin down, it is flexible, and it can be fleeting. Required leadership traits are almost impossible to define for every situation. Making things even more difficult is certain styles are not transferable to different work environments. 

Throughout the semester we will explore the theories, traits, successes, and failures of leadership. 

Are there are some simple leadership rules to improve your everyday life and performance at work? I believe there are…but first you need to be introspective and ask yourself some questions to see if you want to become a leader. 

An important part of becoming a leader is the ability to speak to your audience. Speak clearly, convey your information, motivate your employees, and address their needs. As a leader, you will also be the public spokesperson for your organization. In this course, you will have the opportunity to practice and improve your public speaking skills. 

Over the semester you will acquire knowledge, experience, and skills to aid you in developing your leadership skills. You will need these skills to excel in your chosen field. 


Anderson, Chris: TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking. Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt; 1 edition (May 3, 2016) ISBN-10: 0544634497  ISBN-13: 978-0544634497 

Gates, Melinda: The Moment of LiftFlatiron Books; Reprint edition (January 12, 2021) ISBN-13:‎978-1250257727 

Goloversic, Timothy: You Can be a Leader. March 2022. Second Edition. Amazon Kindle electronic or paperback. 


Each student will research and analyze an assigned topic, turn in an essay, and present their research findings to the class. 

Group Presentation 

Analytical Group Paper and Presentation 

Student groups will present their findings in a document modeled after an internal governmental white paper consisting of a one-page executive summary with an additional 8 to 10 pages of writing. 

Weekly research along with class discussions and debates. 

About the Instructor(s): Timothy Goloversic

Tim is a retired Army Officer, Blackhawk Pilot, and a Former Commander. He was part of the UN and NATO Peacekeeping Forces in Bosnia. 

Tim spent time working as a Program Manager. Currently he leads a section of 22 instructors who train Air Force Pilots in Combat Search and Rescue. He is a project team member on high tech systems. 

Tim holds an MBA, MS of International Relations, and a BS in Aeronautics.