Legacy of Sovereignty
Legacy - HNRS 1120

Instructor(s): Andrew Carey

Course Description

Modern countries around the world are all sovereign nation-states, and the current international world order is dominated by these countries. Other forms of political organization have existed in the past, and still do, but they simply not recognized within the international community.  But what exactly is a nation?  What do we mean by a state? And what exactly does it mean to be sovereign?   We will explore that history of political organization in different cultures around the world.  We’ll explore the philosophical foundations of governance and decision making and how has changed over time.  Finally, we’ll discuss impacts of the European idea of sovereignty and nation-states on peoples around the world due to the impact of colonialism.


Jackson, Robert
2007 Sovereignty: Evolution of an idea.  Polity Press: Malden, MA

Additional Assigned Readings: The assigned readings present specific case studies from a variety of diverse cultures throughout the world. The supplemental readings are available in PDF format on the Canvas page for this course, which you can access under the My Canvas button on your My UNM page. You are required to download the readings as assigned in the course schedule on your own time. The readings are required readings for this course. 

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