The Production Process (Scribendi Part 1)

Instructor: Amaris  Ketcham

Course Description

Scribendi is a high quality, award-winning publication of art and literature, sponsored by the Western Regional Honors Council and the UNM Honors College. Produced completely by Honors College students, Scribendi publishes creative works by undergraduate honors students in more than 800 colleges and universities. This first half of our year-long process is designed specifically for students who have committed themselves to the immensely rewarding and enormously challenging experience of producing our award-winning publication. Functioning largely as an educational internship in small publication production, this course provides students with practical, hands-on experience in copyediting, typography, magazine design and layout using Adobe Creative Cloud, fundraising, marketing and distribution, as well as small press management. The Scribendi experience differs from the usual academic class in that it is focused on active learning accomplished by intensive discussion, practice and application, and an emphasis on professional behavior. Enrollment is limited to students selected through an application and interview. Students should understand this is a two-semester commitment, spanning both fall and spring semesters. See to apply to staff.


Student Reader
Students read and review approximately 500 art and literature submissions each fall


Attendance; participation in class discussions and activities; maintenance of weekly office hours; 10 assignments covering design, software, copyediting, and assessment; and a final 10-15-page mock magazine project.

About the Instructor

Amaris Feland Ketcham is an honorary Kentucky Colonel who spends her time with open space, white space, CMYK, emanata, long trails, f-stops, line breaks, and several Adobe programs running simultaneously. Her books include A Poetic Inventory of the Sandia Mountains, Glitches in the FBI, and Best Tent Camping: New Mexico. She is the chair of the Student Publications Board.