HC Courses Spring 2021

Honors Student Association, 
Meetings: Friday 1 pm via Zoom,
HSA: Instagram
The Honors Student Association welcomes everyone to our first virtual preview night! Professors have provided an overview of their courses to give a taste of what the semester will entail. Please feel free to reach out to them via email if you have follow up questions about their course.

HNRS1120/UHON121: Legacy Courses

Greg Lanier
HNRS 1120, Legacy of Ancient Greece
Email with questions: glanier@unm.edu
Ryan Swanson
HNRS 1120: The Legacy of Failure

Email with questions: swansonr@unm.edu

UHON 200 Level Courses

Steve Brewer
UHON 201 Become a Better Writer
Email with questions: abqbrew@unm.edu
Sarita Cargas
UHON 201 Writing and Speaking: Globalization and Human Rights
Email with questions: cargas@unm.edu   
Jonatha Kottler
UHON 201 Writing As Activism
Email with questions: jkottler@unm.edu
Richard Obenauf
UHON 201 The Articulate Citizen
Email with questions: obenauf@unm.edu
Michael Thomas
UHON 201 Writing in Place
Email with questions: mthomas@unm.edu
Chris Holden
UHON 202 What are numbers anyway?
Email with questions: cholden@unm.edu
Andy Carey
UHON 204 Keeping the Peace
Email with questions:acarey1@unm.edu

UHON 300 Level Courses

Megan Jacobs
UHON 301: Photographic Eye
Email with questions: mejacobs@unm.edu
Richard Obenauf
UHON 301: What Good is Tolerance?
Email with questions:obenauf@unm.edu
Sarita Cargas
UHON 302: Why People Believe Weird Things
Email with questions: cargas@unm.edu
Jason Moore
UHON 302: Forensic Ecology
Email with questions: jrm@unm.edu

UHON 400 Level Courses

Leslie Donovan
UHON 401: What Worlds May Come
Email with questions: ldonovan@unm.edu
Myrriah Gomez
UHON 401: Chicana/o Civil Rights
Email with questions: myrriahg@unm.edu
Amaris Ketcham
UHON 402: The Making of a Magazine
Email with questions:ketchama@unm.edu

Study Abroad

Marygold Walsh-Dilley
Conexiones-Ecuador 2021
Email with questions: marygoldwd@unm.edu