Upcoming HC Courses - Fall 2023


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Fall 2023

HNRS 1120 (Legacies)  

112000969124Legacy of VaccinesFarnbach PearsonMW0830-09451004 
112002475591The Legacy of Indigenous FoodTeranMW0830-09451040 
112001274298The Legacy of Myth and MagicKottlerMW1000-11151004 
112002374322The Legacy of Indigenous FoodTeranMW1000-11151040 
112002176627Legacy of VaccinesFarnbach PearsonMW1130-12451040
112000175582The Legacy of Darwin's Great IdeaMooreMW1130-12451004 
112001571803The Legacy of Myth and MagicKottlerMW1300-14151040 
112000470053 Legacy of SuccessObenaufMW1300-14151004 
112066369119Legacy of Great Villains in LiteratureKottlerMW1430-15451040 
112000369125Legacy of Gender RebellionFaubionTR0800-09151004 
112000569127Legacy of Gender RebellionFaubionTR0930-10451004 
112001869130The Legacy of ExplorationLovataTR0930-1045Hokona45
112001475058The Legacy of DramaSzaszTR0930-10451040 
112001174281Legacy of AztlánGomezTR1100-12151004 
112000869123The Legacy of ExplorationLovataTR1100-1215Hokona 45
112001069131Legacy of Colonization: Relativism in Cross-Cultural NarrativesFaubionTR1230-13451004 
112000669121The Legacy of Ancient GreeceLanierTR1230-13451040 
112001674299The Legacy of DramaSzaszTR1230-1345TBD 
112001775059Legacy of Hip HopBarfieldTR1400-15151004 
The Legacy of Ancient GreeceLanierTR1400-15151040 
112002274300The Legacy of Human RightsCargasM1300-15451020 
112001369128The Legacy of Early TechnologyGreenbergM1600-18451020 
112000269120Legacy of Romantic ComedyDeBlassieW1300-15451020 
112002075583 Legacy of Murder BalladsThomasW1600-18451020


Sections listed with Room "Hokona" meet in the classroom on the ground floor of Hokona Hall. This room is not in UNM's scheduling software and so appears not to exist in Banner. Students will receive guidance for locating and accessing the Hokona classroom as the semester approaches. 

2000 Level Courses (Gen Ed)

HNRS 2112 - Rhetoric & Discourse

2112001The Virtues of UnknowingBarnesTR1530-16451004 


HNRS 2113 - Fine Arts as Global Perspective

2113001Musical Theater in USSzaszTR0800-09151040 
2113002The Art of FilmKottlerW1600-18451004 
2113003Dance as International DiplomacyLujanTR1530-1645


HNRS 2221 - Mathematics in the World

2221001Owning the NumbersSorgeMW1130-124510205



HNRS 2331 & 2331L - Science in the 21st Century with Lab

2331001Why Stuff Does StuffSorgeMW1000-1115102015
2331L001Science in 21st Century Lab:
Watch Stuff Do Stuff


HNRS 2364 - The Individual & the Collective

2364001The Influence of Social NetworksJonesTR1530-16451020 


UHON 301 - Honors Seminars

301002Transforming Museum ScienceMooreMW0930-1045PAIS 2120 
301013This Class is a Joke: Satire and SocietyObenaufMW1430-15451004 
301007Rudolfo AnayaGomezTR0930-1045TBD 
301004Graphic Memoir 1JacobsTR0930-1045102025
301009Constructs and performance of race
and gender identity
301006Only for Kids? Children’s Literature
in Higher Education
301001The Production Process
(Scribendi Part 1)
301008Food & SocietyWalsh-DilleyTR1400-1515TBD 
301012Leadership and Public SpeakingGoloversicT1700-19451004 
301005World BuildingJamesT1700-1945104010
301017The Civil Rights Movement and MORE…HardemanARRARROnline 


Graphic Memoir is a 6 CH course. Students should register for GM1 (UHON 301 004), and then will be given permission by the intstructors to also register for the other 3 CH, GM 2 (UHON 401 008).

Scribendi I, UHON 301 001, requires application and instructor permission.

UHON 399 - Happiness for Honors Students, 1 CH

399015Happiness for Honors Students
(1st 8 weeks)
399016Happiness for Honors Students
(2nd 8 weeks)


UHON 401 - Honors Seminars

401006The Archaeology of TrailsLovataTR1230-1345Hokona85
401005Researching SportsSwansonM1300-1545TBD 
401002Law & Order UNMMegliW1600-18451040 
401008Graphic Memoir 2KetchamTR1100-1215102025


Crosslisted Seminars 

UHON seats available in crosslisted courses vary.

301014Healing Arts IIIReparM1715-2015 
401003Acting for the CameraNelsonT1300-1600Ceria 337