Honors College Discovery Series: Seeing and Translating the World Into Surrealistic Syntax with Isadora Stowe, March 3rd

March 4, 2021

Photo of Isadora Stowe with art

Isadora Stowe's Honors College Discovery Lecture, "Seeing and Translating the World Into Surrealistic Syntax", explores how one can develop a visual vocabulary in one's artwork. Isadora is a multi-media artist and an Assistant Professor of Art in El Paso. Her work focuses on the narrative of the environment and how it can be translated into complex psychological landscapes. Stowe grew up in the southwest border region, living and working in New Mexico, Texas, and Mexico. She credits these experiences in providing a heightened awareness of geographical and political boundaries, the exploration of the identity of self, and the construction of home in her work.

Here's the link to this Discovery Series video: https://youtu.be/68agzaiHULQ