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Honors College senior chosen for Churchill Scholarship
January 11, 2023
The University of New Mexico’s Abigail Pribisova, a senior studying computer science with Honors College distinction, has been selected for the 2023-2024 Churchill Scholarship.


Making the most out of college: How Katie James tapped into UNM's opportunities
January 8, 2020
When Katie James visited UNM’s campus for the first time, the Honors College students she met gave her a piece of advice that would inform her entire college experience –– UNM has abundant resources available to students who want to use them.

Sydney Nesbit

Honors College alumna builds career with creativity and science
January 6, 2020
Growing up, Sydney Nesbit always wanted to be an architect. Or maybe a scientist. Or, both. When she arrived at the University of New Mexico, Nesbit decided on a degree in biology with a minor in honors interdisciplinary arts, but she wanted to ensure she had opportunities to get creative during her undergraduate studies. Nesbit decided she would use her Honors College experience to incorporate more creative and liberal arts coursework into her STEM-focused education.