Flex Lab

Welcome to the Honors College’s Flex Lab, where you can: edit, print, and create works. 

  • Edit documents using Adobe Creative Cloud. 
  • Print a conference poster. 
  • Trim your photographic prints. 

Flex Lab Resources: 

  • Epson P8000 Printer, 44” wide color pigment printer
  • 2 Epson P600 printers, can print 13” wide, color pigment printer
  • Laser Cutter (coming soon!)
  • 4 iMac computers
  • Epson 4490 scanner (scans negatives and 2d prints) 
  • Epson GT-1500 scanner
  • Projector 
  • Whiteboard walls 
  • Large trimming mats and paper cutter
  • 3d printer (coming soon!)
  • Stop Motion Documentation Rig
  • Industrial Sink for Wet Work 
  • Convenient patio access for spray gluing and fixative work


Current UNM honors students can print one conference poster (at a maximum dimension of 48”x36”), or the equivalent smaller sized prints, for a research or creative project, each semester. All laser cutter use must be supervised by trained personnel. Come to the flex lab where a lab monitor can assist you with editing, printing and more! 



Honors College, Building #76, room 1020. 


Hours: Fridays, 8 AM - 5 PM and by appointment.

If you need to print on another day? Email us at  honorsfrontdesk@unm.edu for more times!



P8000 44” printer

P600 13” printer Glossy Paper Printer & Matte Paper Printer

8000 printer, printing 13" x 19" sheets


Poster Design and Best Practices Workshop (September 2022)


Need to use a specific printer on a specific date or at a specific time? Book an appointment!