Spectra Art Gallery

Located in the Honors College at the University of New Mexico, the Spectra Gallery highlights the creative works of honors students and alumni. The gallery also exhibits contemporary artists through annual solo shows. The gallery is open during the week, excluding holidays, Monday through Friday from 8:15 AM to 4:45 PM.
Artistic selections are made by a team of UNM faculty members from honors and the art department. Calls for annual student and alumni exhibitions will be made via the Honors College newsletter and social media.  Please see this application for more information about applying for a solo show. 

Current Exhibition

New Visions, Honors Student Exhibition, Fall 2021

The University of New Mexico Honors College is showcasing the creative works of honors students in the exhibition, New Visions. Honors students, Andrew Jogi, Coti Kremer, Sydney Nesbit, Madison Otero, Alana Robinson, and Taryn Roe have work in the exhibition which will be on view in the honors college gallery from September 13th to December 20th 2021.

UNM News: Honors College students showcase personal and political art in new exhibition


new visions art

Previous Exhibitions

A Yellow Rose Project 

Photo of the Yellow Rose ExhibitionPhotographs on view in Spectra Gallery at the UNM Honors College

 Curatorial Statement:

August 18, 2020 marks the centennial of the 19th Amendment. After decades of untold risk, through oppression, brutality, incarceration, and even starvation, women fought, seemingly insurmountable odds, at the local, state and national level to gain the right to be a part of the democratic process. Though this movement granted rights to some women, and this achievement in itself is to be acknowledged and celebrated, the struggle did not end there. It was not until much later that all American women, regardless of race, were given the same privilege.

In light of these facts, we asked women to look back upon this part of our history from various perspectives, inviting both a critical eye as well as one that sees how far we have come. The exhibition selected for The Honors College at the University of New Mexico presents a contemporary collection of expression prompted by this troubled yet remarkable historical event. The images speak to the movement leading up to ratification, the legacy we have inherited because of it and the work we will continue to do as a result of it. Some images draw upon personal histories and share with us a glimpse into the present lived experience. This can be seen through intimate portraits of others or the self, domestic spaces, protest scenes, and documentation of the here and now. Other visuals use archival images, news clippings or writing to speak about erasure, recovery and remembering. Themes surrounding the body and gesture come into play in various ways alluding to issues of power, sexuality, choice, vulnerability, and endurance. We also see generations of women represented and connected, whether that be within the images or by those who authored them. The resulting body of work imbues the power, responsibility and unique complication of being a woman in the United States from a kaleidoscope of viewpoints. The exhibition aims to show the undeniable strength and resiliency we possess as a whole when united for a higher purpose.

-Meg Griffiths & Frances Jakubek

A Yellow Project co-founders

The work show at UNM is part of a larger body of work shown here: A Yellow Rose Project