dsc_2324_copy.jpgScribendi is a nonprofit literature and art magazine produced and published at the University of New Mexico Honors College by undergraduate students. This nationally distributed magazine solicits creative work from students at 900+ honors programs and colleges. Through a yearlong award-winning course and educational internship, student staff members gain practical hands-on experience in editing, typography, graphic design, magazine layout, Adobe Creative Cloud, fundraising, marketing and distribution, and small business management.

Since 1985, five editions of Scribendi have been nominated by the Associated Collegiate Press for the Pacemaker Award, which honors the best undergraduate work in the nation. Two editions have won for excellence in content, design, editing, and visual elements.

Scribendi is much more than a printed magazine—it is a one-of-a-kind educational opportunity for UNM students, a training ground for innovative and practical business experience, and a student organization that regularly garners UNM national attention and recognition. That said, the magazine is the capstone of this experience, a tangible manifestation of what an engaged learning opportunity at UNM looks like.

student holding a copy of scribendi open on a desk

The Scribendi experience differs from the usual academic class in its focus on active learning accomplished by rigorous discussion, lots of individual practice, and professional behavior and teamwork. This course is an environment in which learning takes place alongside professional tasks that must be accomplished to meet deadlines. The first half of our yearlong process is designed to train students who have committed themselves to the immensely rewarding experience of producing our publication. In the spring semester, students put their knowledge into practice by creating the new edition of the magazine.

Formally, Scribendi comprises UHON 300 and UHON 400 in consecutive semesters. Students must apply and be approved to take the course, and over the course of a year will be involved with all aspects of the magazine.

Scribendi also has two-to-three editors each year. The editors are returning students who take a section of UHON 401 for the year and co-teach the course with the faculty advisor.

Altogether, a student who is a Scribendi staff member and then returns as an editor receives a total of 12 credits in honors over two years.

For more information about Scribendi, visit the student-designed and -managed website,