Honors Pathmaker Program

Honors Pathmaker Program

We Are All Pathmakers

No one comes into college knowing exactly what they want to do or who they want to be. Everyone at UNM has lived a different story, and once they're here, everyone embarks on a unique journey. No two people can walk the same path through college, Honors, or life. Instead, all of us are continually making our own paths, following our interests, our passions, our curiosity, and our happiness. We are all pathmakers, but just because we're each making our own way, that doesn't mean we need to take the journey alone. That's why the Honors College created the Pathmaker Program to bring Honors students together and to create an even stronger student community. plt-group-photo.jpg

The Honors Pathmaker Program is a student-led organization within the UNM Honors College. We work directly with the Dean, Honors staff, and administration, as well as Honors faculty, to make our community more welcoming and inclusive.

The program is run by the Pathmaker Leadership Team and is made possible by our incredible 2023-2024 volunteer mentors.

Pathmaker Mentor applications open at the end of each spring semester. We would love to have you join us in our mission to build connections and community in Honors through peer mentoring!

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