The Honors College fosters a sense of community both in and out of the classroom. Learn more about various ways to plug into the wider honors community. Opportunities range from offerings at our honors college discovery series, to events at Spectra Art Gallery, to involvement with various student groups, and opportunities with professional honors organizations.

UNM Honors will recognize its 10th anniversary of becoming one of the largest honors colleges in the nation! Learn more about our 10th Anniversary events.

Honors Roadrunners

Roadrunners are Honors students here to offer peer-to-peer support for other Honors students and those interested in Honors. We can offer our student insight on classes and extracurriculars, connect you with resources across campus, or just be a listening ear! 

Discovery Series

The Honors College’s Discovery Series events take place in the fall and spring semester with an aim to foster opportunities for honors students to join as a community. The discovery series events model the core values of honors: inquiry, active learning, participation, engaged listening, and community building and thus vary in form from lectures to workshops. 

Spectra Art Gallery

The honors college has an art gallery which highlights the creative works of honors students and alumni. The art gallery, housed in the honors college forum, also exhibits contemporary artists through annual solo shows. The gallery is open during the week, excluding holidays, Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM.

 a group of students standing in the gallery with the words spectra art gallery on the wall

Honors Pathmaker

The Honors Pathmaker Program provides peer-to-peer mentorship opportunities for incoming students. It is a student-led organization within the UNM Honors College. Pathmakers work directly with the Dean, Honors staff, and administration, as well as Honors faculty, to make the community more welcoming and inclusive.

Honors Facilities

The Honors College is a unique environment that houses honors classrooms, faculty offices, and student lounge spaces. Since classrooms and offices are housed in the same building, students can easily access faculty support. The largest shared public space, known as the honors forum, provides a work/study environment for students and doubles as a presentation space. This space can be utilized for professional and classroom presentations and can be reserved by UNM student groups and organizations (request to reserve a space in honors). Additionally, honors supports students’ creative pursuits in our flex lab where one can reserve space to edit digital designs and videos using Adobe Creative Suite software and print large-scale creative or conference poster printing for free.

Student Groups

There are several student groups within the UNM Honors College that provide leadership opportunities for students to contribute to the larger honors community outside of a classroom setting:

Honors Student Association 

The Honors Student Association is a supportive and welcoming space where Honors students can connect in a relaxed and low-pressure environment. HSA supports the growth and well-being of academically rigorous honors students so they can become well-rounded.
Members meet once a week to connect with each other and plan activities along with intimate events for the Honors community! Every year, HSA sponsors these events and activities with the purpose of expanding and recruiting prospective students into HSA as well as offering support, a time to unwind, and leadership opportunities. Recent events include paint nights, river walks, picnics, study groups, movie nights, and volunteering with Roadrunner Food Bank.

Lobo Scholars

The Lobo Scholars Program is a collaborative effort by The University of New Mexico’s Honors College and Athletics Department to foster and support academic excellence among high-achieving student athletes.

Regents Scholars

The Regents Scholars Program provides academic and extracurricular support, opportunities, and activities to enrich the educational experiences of students who have been awarded the UNM Regents Scholars Scholarship. Each semester, the Regents Scholars Coordinator will hold meetings for Regents’ Scholars. These meetings may include guest speakers, special discussion topics, workshops for improving academic skills, or open discussions on a variety of subjects. Such meetings encourage students in the program to get to know each other and to learn from as well as collaborate with each other in ways that frequently allow them to form networks of professional colleagues and friends beyond college.

Living Learning Community

Living Learning Community: Scholar’s Wing

The Scholar's Wing is a Living Learning Community (LLC) for students in the Honors College. Conveniently located a few minutes' walk from the Honors College in Hokona Hall, the Scholars Wing offers a living experience that is an extension of the Honors classroom community.

Professional Honors Associations

The UNM Honors College is a member of the National Honors Collegiate Council (NCHC) and the Western Regional Honors Council (WRHC). Faculty members, students and staff attend and present their work at these conferences annually. There are scholarship opportunities for students to attend these conferences. Additionally, NCHC provides several scholarships and awards to students, study away programs in National Parks and cities around the world, and an online journal where students can publish their research. Scribendi, the Honors College’s literature and arts magazine, unveils its magazine each year at the WRHC conference.

 In 2022, UNM Honors students organized and hosted the annual WRHC conference. Over 300 people attended from 51 institutions across the West.