Academic Advising

Honors College Advising – Spring 2024

Honors College Advising is available to help you with planning academic goals, understanding the various program options, answering registration questions, getting connected to other academic and campus resources, and navigating UNM. Services are available through individually scheduled appointments or attending drop-in hours.

For general advising questions, you may email However, we recommend scheduling individual advising appointments or utilizing drop-in advising for more personalized support. To learn about the current Honors College advisors, please visit the Honors College Staff page.

Athena Gordon, younger woman sitting in an office with a student
Athena Gordon, Sr. Academic Advisor

Individual Appointment Schedule

Please visit LoboAchieve to view appointment availability and schedule your appointment with an Honors College Academic Advisor. Individual appointments are the best way to receive personalized advising support throughout your Honors College experience. Please read the details of the appointment at the time of scheduling. A follow-up email will not be sent to students prior to their appointment.

Pre-admission Honors College Advising

If you are currently an active UNM student but not currently an Honors College student, you will need to click on the "Advising Offices" tab and "Search Advising Office" to manually search for "Honors College."  Please schedule with an Honors College Advisor (Athena Gordon).

If you are a prospective or returning student without a current UNM NetID, you may also access LoboAchieve using the "non-UNM sign in" option and creating an account.  Please do not create an account if you have an existing/active UNM NetID, or have recently been accepted to UNM and just need to setup a NetID (which may be done via this link: ). 

Drop-in Advising Hours

During the Spring 2024 semester, virtual and in-person drop-in advisement is on Wednesdays from 1:30-4:00pm. Please indicate that you are here for Honors College advisement when you check-in. For in-person meetings, please use the kiosk when you enter the University College Advisement Center (Building #85). The University College front desk student representative can assist should you have any trouble with the check-in process. For virtual drop-in meetings, please use the following Zoom link: 

Utilizing non-Honors Credit

The Honors College allows students to take approved coursework outside of the Honors College and count those credit hours toward their credential. Applicability varies by credential.

  • Certificate in Honors Interdiciplinary Liberal Arts
    Allows the use of up to 6 non-Honors credit to apply toward requirements
  • UNM Honors Scholars Distinction
    Allows the use of up to 12 non-Honors credits to apply toward requirements
  • Honors Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Minor
    Allows the use of up to 6 non-Honors credits to apply toward requirements
  • Honors Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Major
    Please consult with your Faculty Advisor

The Honors College has a list of Pre-approved Courses that include 1) Graduate courses, 2) internships, 3) capstones, 4) H-sections, 5) UNM Faculty-led Study Abroad and 6) Departmental Honors courses that have been approved for use. If you cannot find the course you would like to apply toward your Honors College credential, please submit an Honors College Course Equivalency Form.

*Honors College credentials reflect the catalog term students were admitted to UNM. To find an accurate summary of your credential requirements, please visit or schedule an advising appointment in LoboAchieve.

Kyle Harvey, young man with glasses and a beanie addressing
Kyle Harvey, M.A., Sr. Academic Advisor

Active Status in the Honors College

Multiple times during the year, Honors College advisors review students’ academic records to determine if they maintain Active Status in the Honors College.

Starting the 2023-2024 academic year, requirements for Active Status include the following:

Participation in Honors College Courses

During their first year at UNM, students must enroll in and complete two Honors College (HNRS/UHON) courses in their first two semesters: typically HNRS 1120 in the Fall and HNRS 2000-level in the Spring. Students must take two courses in their first year to maintain Priority RegistrationPlease note that students who are on an Alternative Entry Path (i.e. incoming Honors College students with over 30 credit hours at UNM or transfer institutions, excluding AP and IB credits) are exempt of this two courses in their first-year requirement. 

Then, to maintain their Active Status, Honors College students must take one Honors College course per academic year (Fall or Spring) until they complete their Honors College credential. Students are encouraged to let Honors College advisors know when they have completed their credential by emailing or scheduling an individual advisement appointment on LoboAchieve.

If students do not meet the one Honors College course per academic year requirement, they will be dismissed due to inactivity.

Good Academic Standing

Once admitted to the Honors College, a minimum of a 3.2 cumulative GPA is required to remain in good standing.

If a student’s cumulative GPA falls below 3.2, it is strongly recommended that they schedule an appointment with an Honors College Academic Advisor to discuss how to maintain good academic standing. Students who have a cumulative GPA between 2.85 and 3.2 will be placed on Pending Active Status. This Pending Active Status does not affect students’ ability to take Honors College coursework or use priority registration benefits. To graduate with a certificate, distinction, or minor from the Honors College, students will need at least a 3.2 cumulative GPA at the time of graduation to receive an Honors College credential.

If a student's cumulative GPA falls below a 2.85, they are no longer academically eligible to remain in the Honors College and they will be dismissed.

Declaring an Honors Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Credential

Students must declare an Honors Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts credential option with an Honors College advisor to maintain priority registration benefits. Please note that students who do not declare a credential will remain in Active Status in the Honors College, however, they will lose priority registration benefits.


An Honors College student who has fallen below the requirements for Active Status may submit a petition for reconsideration. The processes for such a petition are described below. Also, students should schedule an advisement appointment with an Honors College advisor on LoboAchieve if they have questions or concerns about maintaining Active Status requirements.

Petition for Dismissal due to Inactivity or Low GPA

Students must schedule an advisement appointment with an Honors College advisor on LoboAchieve to discuss their dismissal and strategies to maintain Active Status in the future. Please include a short description in the appointment notes when scheduling an appointment.

Petition for Graduation with an Honors College Credential

Honors College students must have a 3.20 cumulative GPA or higher at the time of graduation to be eligible to receive an Honors College credential. However, students may submit a petition to the Chair of the Honors College to grant an academic exception to receive an Honors College credential.

In their final semester at UNM, Honors College students with below a 3.20 cumulative GPA are recommended to petition in advance for timely processing of awards. Petitions are due May 1st for Spring gradutes, July 1st for Summer graduates, and December 1st for Fall gradutes. 

To petition, please email the Chair of the Honors College (Dr. Ryan Swanson) at with the following information:

  1. why your GPA was below the 3.2 standard
  2. your key-takeaways from your time in Honors
  3. why you would like to earn an Honors College credential

Please limit the entire petition statement to 150-300 words.