Summer & Fall 2024 Registration

Priority Registration starts Monday, April 8th, 2024 at 7:00 AM MST

Check Your Registration Appointment Date

Students must maintain Active Status requirements in order to have priority registration benefits. Please review the Academic Advising page for more information about Active Status requirements. 

Registration appointment dates are updated the week before registration. 

Current students may check their Appointment Date on LoboWeb:

  • Log-in to using your UNM Net ID and Password,
  • Select the Students tab
  • Click on LoboWeb
  • Click LoboWeb Main Menu
  • Click on Registration & Records,
  • Click on Check Your Registration Appointment Date
  • Select a Term (if you have not already)
  • Click Submit.

Priority Registration

Priority Registration is one of the unique benefits granted to Honors students. The UNM Registrars' Office determines the dates when all students attending the University can sign up for classes. Generally, transfer students register first, followed by graduate students, then seniors, juniors, sophomores, and, finally, freshmen. The grade levels are determined by accumulated credit hours at the University. With Priority Registration, Honors students can register on the same day as graduate students. Essentially, Honors students can get a "first-pick" of courses and thereby coordinate their busy school, work, and family schedules.

Students are responsible for checking their registration appointment date in LoboWeb. Please wait until you receive the email indicating it is time to check. The updates generally take place one week prior to registration.

Check for Holds!

The Honors College does not place holds. You must have the hold removed by the appropriate department.

  • Bursars – Pay your bill or set up a payment plan
  • Advisement – Attend advising session or workshop. The Honors College does not place advising holds and cannot remove advising holds placed by other colleges.
  • Admissions – Often placed if transcripts have not arrived from a high school or another institution

Common Course Numbering

HNRS 1120: Area 5 General Education - Humanities 

HNRS 2112: Area 1 General Education - Communications

HNRS 2221: Area 2 General Education - Mathematics & Statistics

HNRS 2331: Area 3 General Education - Physical and Natural Science (when taken with HNRS2331L)

HNRS 2364: Area 4 General Education - Social and Behavioral Sciences

HNRS 2167: Area 5 General Education - Humanities

HNRS 2113: Area 6 General Education - Art & Design


To register for these courses, search the schedule for HNRS instead of UHON.

300 and 400 level courses will keep the UHON prefix.


Override Requests:  Overrides will only be required for skipping a level, taking two courses with the same number (repeatable), independent study/senior options (492, 493 etc), and HNRS1120. You will not need an override if you have taken the prerequisite course (i.e. taken the course at the preceding level). Contact if you believe that you need an override to be able to register for Honors courses.

Completing requrirements out of sequence requires the permission of the instructor. Please email your instructor to ask for permission to take the course and they will give you an override to take that course. 

Independent Study Form

Independent study courses are approved by the Chair of the Curriculum Committee and must be submitted 1 week prior to the start of term.