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The Honors College is committed to students’ international experiences. Honors offers summer courses abroad to enrich and enhance its students’ college experiences.

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The University of New Mexico, through the Honors College and the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, presents Conexiones—an intensive program of Culture and Language study. Conexiones offers students up to twelve semester hours of credit, with orientation sessions at UNM and abroad and approximately thirty days of field session. This summer study abroad program alternates between Spain and Ecuador yearly.

Program History

Conexiones is an intensive Spanish language and culture study abroad program. Conexiones began in 1985 and has since become a premier language study program at the University of New Mexico.

Program Philosphy

Conexiones immerses students in the living, breathing reality of Spanish-speaking society. The main theme of the program is the connections between the U.S. Southwest and the visiting country, with emphasis in the local regions with strong historical and cultural connections to New Mexico.

The key to the Conexiones approach is integration. Intellectual, linguistic, and personal growth are seen as a unified process. The program is designed to expedite that process.

The support groups are a unique feature of Conexiones. These groups emphasize personal growth and help students to understand culture shock as a positive (if sometimes uncomfortable) growth experience.


Applicants must have a minimum of 3.2 GPA. Students with a lower GPA may apply since all applications will be considered individually and exceptions may be made. Students with “Degree status” and “Non-degree status” can apply. Students must be able to enter a 200-level Spanish class, minimum. Once students are accepted to the program, they will be required to complete preparation materials, relevant to the country of excursion.

Conexiones students in a stone courtyard in spain

Conexiones Spain, Summer 2023 

Conexiones Ecuador