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The Lobo Scholars Program is a collaborative effort by The University of New Mexico’s Honors College and Athletics Department to foster and support academic excellence among high-achieving student athletes. This multi-tiered program seeks to provide student athletes with new opportunities for intellectual growth and cross-community collaboration. More specifically, the Lobo Scholars Program provides a structure for students to assess their scholar-athlete experience in an intellectually rigorous manner. It encourages and facilitates more student athletes joining the University’s Honors College.

In connection with the Lobo Center for Student-Athlete Success and the National and International Scholarships and Fellowships office, LSP prepares selected students to compete for nationally and internationally competitive scholarship programs. Finally, the Lobo Scholars Program provides high-achieving student athletes with faculty mentors.

Program Features:

The Lobo Scholars Program offers qualified student athletes the following opportunities:

  1. Application support for nationally and internationally competitive scholarship programs
  2. Access to the “Student Athlete: Past, Present, and Future” Honors College course
  3. Faculty mentorship
  4. Honors College admission and advising assistance
  5. Student research opportunities
  6. The Leadership Fellows cohort
UNM Symposium on College Athletics

The Lobo Scholars Program recognizes the tremendous difficulty (and value) in pursuing one’s academic goals and athletic dreams simultaneously. The program is designed to help high-achieving student athletes at UNM accomplish their lofty goals through mentorship, guest speakers and events like the UNM Symposium on College Athletics.

Ryan Swanson Ph.D.
Faculty Director, Lobo Scholars Program
Honors College Faculty

Brian Ferguson
Associate Director, Lobo Scholars Program
Student Success Manager, UNM Athletics