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The Stoop: UNM Honors Student Perspectives

Honors students recognized as Goldwater scholars 


Founded in recognition of U.S. Senator Barry M. Goldwater, a scholarship fund that recognizes distinguished students in the fields of mathematics, science and engineering, has been bestowed on Lobos, Jonathon Cordova and Randy Ko; with an Honorable Mention given to Jane Nguyen.  Read more...

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Tyrannosaurs show their sensitive side

UNM Honors College: Dr. Jason Moore

A team of researchers, including UNM Honors College Professor Jason R. Moore, has found a new species of tyrannosaur dinosaur — the most popular of the prehistoric creatures.  New cousin of T. rex discovered in Montana helps researchers provide a facial makeover for the well-known dinosaur.  Read more...

Honors College named in top 25 nationally


The Honors College is a source of great pride for The University of New Mexico. Its nearly six-decade tenure on this campus, first as a program then as a college, is filled with a profound history of enriching the education of UNM scholars.

In an affirmation of its mission and programs, the Honors College was recently named in the top 25 public university honors colleges in the U.S.  Read More...

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