For Fall 2024 admission, applications are processed on a rolling basis. All applicants who applied by May 1st, 2024 will recieve an admission decision by May 15th, 2024. All other applicants will recieve an admission decision within 1-3 weeks after submission. 

The University of New Mexico Honors College seeks to admit students who will contribute to the college community in meaningful ways. Honors College students have intellectual and social interests covering the entire spectrum of UNM degree programs. The Honors College provides opportunities for high achieving students to:

  • discover connections among disciplines, analyze, and evaluate primary and complex texts across diverse genres and styles from different historical periods;
  • complete courses from a broad range of disciplines that will prepare them for careers or advanced study beyond their undergraduate degree;
  • engage in research and to produce original work that integrates ideas and methods from different disciplines;
  • have intercultural knowledge and competence; and
  • develop personal and social responsibility, including civic knowledge and engagement both locally and globally.

The Honors College is committed to inclusive excellence. The admissions practices are aimed at creating a diverse class in terms of underrepresented racial groups and/or first-generation college students, international students, and students from different regions of the country.

The College admits students by using a holistic approach. A combination of factors will be considered when making the final admission decision. While there are no GPA requirements for admission, successful applicants tend to have at least a 3.5 GPA from high school or their previous transfer institution.  

outside of honors college on a sunny day

Factors Considered

  • Cumulative GPA
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Leadership
  • Awards
  • Written Responses

Supplemental Admissions Information

Standardized scores (ACT or SAT) are not required to be considered for Honors College admission, but they may be helpful with academic course placement during New Student Orientation. If you choose to provide scores, they should be sent from the testing service directly to the University of New Mexico.

Incoming UNM students are required to take the Lobo Course Placement tests for accurate placement in coursework.

Applicants denied Honors College admission may appeal. Please speak with an Honors College advisor for details. Appointments can be scheduled in LoboAchieve.

Application Deadline

For Fall 2024 admission, applications are processed on a rolling bais. All applicants who apply by May 1st, 2024 will recieve an admission decision by May 15th, 2024. All other applicants will recieve an admission decision within 1-3 weeks after submission.

Please reach out to with any questions related to Honors College admissions.  

student looking through a loupe at a scribendi cover proofAdditional Information for Fall 2024 Honors College Students

Active Status

  • Students must enroll in and complete two Honors courses during their first year in the UNM Honors College: typically HNRS 1120 (in the Fall) and HNRS 2000-level (in the Spring). Then, to maintain their Active Status, Honors College students must take one Honors College course per academic year (Fall, Spring, Summer) until they complete their Honors College credential.  

Good Academic Standing

  • Once admitted to the Honors College, a minimum of a 3.2 cumulative GPA is required to remain in good standing.
  • If a student’s cumulative GPA falls below 3.2, it is strongly recommended that they schedule an appointment with an Honors College Academic Advisor to discuss how to maintain good academic standing.
  • If a student's cumulative GPA falls below a 2.85, they are no longer academically eligible to remain in the Honors College.

Priority Registration

  • Honors College students who maintain active status and are in good academic standing will receive Priority Registration for the upcoming semester.
  • Students dismissed for inactivity or academic ineligibility will not receive priority registration for upcoming semesters.


Want to learn more about the UNM Honors College? 

We invite you to Visit the Honors College and/or schedule an Academic Advising appointment with an Honors College advisor.