Legacy of Indigenous Food
Legacy - HNRS 1120

Instructor(s): Yolanda Teran

Course Description

The course offers an interdisciplinary exploration of Indigenous food. Collectively, we will dive deeper and study native seeds and products, ancestral agriculture, various agricultural seasons, ceremonies related to harvest or preparing to sow seeds, methods and mindsets for preparing healthy food and how to engage in sustainable lifestyles.


I will provide the following reading articles:The study of Indigenous Peoples; Cultural meaning of Land; Dancing for the Apus: Andean Food; On the Importance to our Connection to Food; It is Time to Plant: The Real Green Revolution; Plants, Food, Medicine and Gardening; Selection of seeds, planting, Indigenous ceremonies, ancestral ways of keeping food, cooking and utensils; Indigenous food systems; Ceremonial foods; Slow Food Movement; The origin and cultural meaning of corn; Protecting the Culture and Genetics of Wild Rice; Indigenous Food Sovereignty in Canada;Food Sovereignty and Free, prior and informed consent;Re-indigenizing Our Bodies and Minds Through Native Foods; Resistance/Creation Culture and Seven Maize- Based Values.VIDEOS: Who Indigenous Peoples are; The last salmon


Two response papers

Final paper



Discussion facilitator

Two out-of- class events

Short talks

No Video

About the Instructor(s): Yolanda Teran

Dr. Yolanda Teran is a Kichwa Indigenous professor from Ecuador. She has been teaching for more than two decades, advocating for Indigenous Peoples, researching and publishing on human rights, biodiversity and Indigenous education, epistemologies, languages and culture.