UNM Friends of Fulbright exchange students honored

February 27, 2023 - Savannah Peat

exchange students honored

The Friends of Fulbright at UNM may be headed home, but they will remain true to the name–longtime companions of the university.

For five years now, UNM has hosted the Friends of Fulbright Argentina Undergraduate Student Exchange Program through the Global Education Office (GEO). 

The program has a unique, accommodating setup to allow for young students who cannot afford a full-length exchange timeline. For six weeks, eight undergraduate students got to take two-upper level classes related to their majors. So far, that’s been an opportunity for 56 students from 23 Argentinian universities. 

“The UNM Honors College is thrilled to continue our partnership with the Friends of Fulbright Argentina Program. International study is a transformative experience and the UNM Honors College faculty are thankful to have these wonderful students join our seminar classes for an exchange of ideas, perspectives, and culture that benefits both our guests and our students,” Honors College Dean Eric Lau said. “The personal guidance and tips provided by Fulbright Alumni to the FOF students on everything from what to eat to where to visit, helped them get the most out of their experience at UNM and will provide insight to future students.” 

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