7 Honors College Students to be selected for publication in premiere nonfiction student review, Limina!

April 29, 2024 - Anna Abeyta

Limina News Story

Limina, formerly known as Best Student Essays (BSE), stands as the premier nonfiction student review at the University of New Mexico. Published annually, it invites submissions from both undergraduate and graduate students across all disciplines. Limina welcomes a diverse range of nonfiction pieces, encompassing essays, research papers, scientific writing, memoirs, photo essays, foreign language compositions with English translations, and more. 

The recent release of Limina's 34th volume on Saturday, April 13, brought great delight as it announced the inclusion of seven Honors College students in this year's edition. 

Five of these outstanding students submitted works cultivated in their Honors classes, with the invaluable support of their dedicated professors. These students and their respective works are: 

- "Conscience as Justification: Excusing Dorian in The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Rae Wilson (mentored by faculty member Renee Faubion, Honors College) 

- "The Lure Made of Gold: How 'Hamilton' and 'West Side Story' Portray the Bitter Reality of the American Dream" by Sherwin Thiyagarajan (mentored by faculty member Maria Szasz, Honors College) 

- "Calf" by Addison Key (mentored by faculty member Maria Szasz, Honors College) 

- "Homelessness and Gentrification as Evidence of Postmodernism in Rudolfo Anaya’s Rio Grande Fall" by Charlotte Auh (mentored by Myrriah Gómez, Honors College) 

- "Magical Ignorance" by Flora Granados (mentored by Myrriah Gómez, Honors College) 

Additionally, two other Honors students who submitted their original work were also selected: 

- “Discord or Harmony” by Sachi Barnaby   

- “Men of Metal and Angels of Meat: On the Philosophical Implications of Al Sentience” by Addison Fulton 

We take immense pride in the accomplishments of these students, whose dedication and talent shine brightly in this esteemed publication!