HC Courses - Spring 2023

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HNRS 1120 (Legacies)  

1120007Legacy of Myth & MagicKottlerMW1300-14151004
1120003Legacy of Indigenous FoodTeranTR0930-10451004
1120008Legacy of Ancient GreeceLanierTR1230-13451004
1120002Legacy of Ancient GreeceLanierTR1400-15151004
1120001Legacy of WitchcraftDeBlassieW1600-18301004


2000 Level Courses (Gen Ed)

HNRS 2112 - Rhetoric & Discourse

2112004Intellectually CuriousFallad-MendozaMW1000-1115TBD
2112005Writing as ActivismKottlerMW1130-12451004
2112008The Articulate CitizenObenaufMW1300-14151040
2112007Nineteenth-Century Gothic Literature and Its Textual MonstrositiesFaubionTR0930-10451040
2112002Atomic Bomb CulturesGomezTR1100-12151004
2112003Globalization & Human RightsCargasArrangedArrangedOnline

HNRS 2113 - Fine Arts as Global Perspective

2113006Musical Theater in AmericaSzaszTR0800-09151020
2113001Musical Theater in AmericaSzaszTR0930-10451020
2113003My Digital SelfBarfieldTR1230-13451020
2113002Zines & Handmade BooksKetchamT1700-19301020$15

HNRS 2167 - Humanities in Society and Culture

2167001Tolkien’s Art, Myths, and SourcesDonovanTR1400-15151040

HNRS 2221 - Mathematics in the World

2221001Owning the Numbers (Stats)SorgeMW1130-12451020$5

HNRS 2331 - Science in the 21st Century

2331002Bringing Fossils to LifeMooreMW1300-1530NHSC 101

NOTE: 2331 Section 002 does NOT have an associated lab. If you are signing up for a science class WITH a lab, it needs to be the two sections below.

HNRS 2331 & 2331L - Science in the 21st Century with Lab

2331L001Watch Stuff Do StuffSorgeMW0830-09451020$15
2331001Why Stuff Does StuffSorgeMW1000-11151020

HNRS 2364 - The Individual & the Collective

2364001Keeping the PeaceCareyTR1530-16451004

UHON 301 - Honors Seminars

301009From TB to COVID-19Farnbach-PearsonMW1000-11151004
301006What Good is ToleranceObenaufMW1430-15451040
301008Getting away with MurderFaubionTR0800-09151040
301004Photographic EyeJacobsTR1100-12151020$40
301Civil Rights Movement & MoreHardemanTR1100-1215Online
301007The Art of Stand UpSzaszTR1230-1345TBD
301005Eco ArtJacobs & MemmerTR1400-15151020$30
301021Bob Dylan, Nobel TroubadorThomasM1300-15301020
301003European Cold War StudiesGoloversicT1700-19301004
301002Science Fiction and Fantasy as Critical Thought: Truth, Lies and Other PhysicsJamesT1700-19301040
301001Marking Place: The Anthropology of SpaceLovataW1000-12301040$85
301Chicanx Ancestral MedicineGomezonlineonlineonline

UHON 302 - Community Engaged Learning

(6 CH)
002Route 66 The Mother RoadLovata & MooreM1000-12301040$650

UHON 401 - Honors Seminars

401003The CityHowardTR0930-1045TBD
401002What Worlds May ComeDonovanTR1100-12151040
401001Girl Reporters and Women of Letters: Women of the Nineteenth-Century PressFaubionTR1230-13451040
401004The Publication Process: Scribendi IIKetchamTR1530-16451020

Additional Crosslisted Seminars 

UHON seats available in the courses below vary.

301Intersecting Creativity, Communication, and Collaboration - Healing Arts IIReparM1715-2015
401LAAW: Creative ProductionHart-MannF0900-1145ART 304$377.5
401LAAW: Field InvestigationsHart-MannArrangedArranged$377.5

The 2 LAAW 3 CH sections combine into a single 6 CH course. Students need to sign up for both.